We aren’t your typical pearl-wearing, seersucker-loving, Bible-preaching bunch. We are so much more than that.

RGP started in 2012 as a joke. That’s not a joke, we really did. Our founder, M, being from California, wanted to complain about politics somewhere safe and away from her judgemental friends. But then when people started liking the shit she tweeted, she started making friends on Twitter. Soon she had people wanting to write with her and that’s how we ended up here.

We find that politics is not the easiest to understand for most millennials and that’s ok. Pop culture is a major key for our generation so we want a way to relate to them and still inform people on the issues. So far it’s working, but we are always open to your honest feedback. You can find us on social media and/or send us a message below.

Brace yourself for profanity, and a bunch of Republicans who are the opposite of “southern belles” if you will. We left our political correctness outside on the playground in Kindergarten.


You may have also seen us in a few places... not to name drop or anything but: