The Official 2016 Election Timeline and Playlist (VIDEO)

The 2016 election has one been one hell of a ride for all of us. It was unpredictable, unprecedented, and the gloves were definitely off. It had it's ups and downs but now it's finally come to an end. THANK GOD. So to wrap it all up,  here are some of the greatest moments of this election cycle put to music. 

(for the full playlist listen here // for the video watch here or watch below)

1. March 12, 2015- Hillary Clinton meets Bill Clinton and plans out her whole life… finally she announces her candidacy for a second time.

2 & 3. March 23, 2015- Ted Cruz is first of 17 Republicans to announce his candidacy, he does this at Liberty University and the students are thrilled about it. Shortly after the other 22 candidates announce their candidacy.

4. June 15, 2015- Trump announces his candidacy for president. This is the first time he mentions building a wall and everyone thinks this is a publicity stunt.

5. July 21, 2015- Trump gives out Lindsey Graham’s phone number after being insulted by him to show the world that he in fact gives zero fucks. This kind of behavior becomes Trump’s norm setting the scene for 2016.

6. August 6, 2015- Donald Trump makes his big debut during the first debate and he verbally insults people on and off the stage, including the moderator Megyn Kelly. 

7. August 18, 2015- Mid-election and Mid-FBI investigation, Hillary refuses to admit she wiped her server clean and makes her infamous, “like with a cloth?” comment.

8. September 2, 2015-  GOP asks candidates to sign loyalty pledge in a way to force Trump to support the other candidates and not run 3rd party if he lost. This was obviously a bad omen.

9. September 21, 2015- Scott Walker and Rick Perry are the first of the pack to drop out.

10. Fall 2015- Trump’s star rises, dominating news headlines and while everyone tries to ignore him, they can’t stop talking about him. He also goes through a very public breakup with Miss Universe.

11. October 13, 2015- As the first and second Democrat debates happen, Bernie hits Hillary hard on her ties to Wall Street and makes his very famous, “we’re sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails” line gaining a lot of love.

12. December 7, 2015- After Paris and San Bernardino ISIS attacks, Trump makes controversial Muslim Ban statement which some people see this as presidential and others see as ignorant.

13. January 3, 2016- While on the campaign trail, Marco Rubio and his fashionable boots make national headlines.

14. January 6, 2016- Gary Johnson, the nation’s favorite stoner, announces his candidacy and is later nominated the official Libertarian candidate for president.

15. January 8, 2016- The world argues whether or not Cruz is actually eligible to run for president since it’s a well known fact that he’s Canadian, eh.

16. February 1, 2016- Cruz wins the Iowa Caucus giving everyone faith that Trump is still just a phase and that there’s still hope for the rest of them.

17. February 1-3, 2016- Rand, O’Malley, Santorum, Jindal, Huckabee Drop Out after Iowa bringing the herd down to 11 candidates.

18. February 7, 2016- Gloria Steinem says that young women are backing Bernie instead of Hillary because they want to “impress boys” sending Team Bernie in an uproar.

19. February 9, 2016- Marco repeats himself four times during the 8th GOP debate in New Hampshire.

20. February- present day, 2016- Canadian Ted Cruz can’t catch a break. Rumors of him being the Zodiac Killer spread worldwide. Unlike his victims, this rumor never dies.

21. February 19, 2016- Trump and Sanders win New Hampshire and skyrocket in national polls, worrying the establishment on both sides.

22. February 26, 2016- After dropping out, Chris Christie endorses Trump and looks like he’s been kidnapped. He is shortly followed by Ben Carson.

23. March 2016- Despite Canadian Zodiac Killer drama, Cruz starts winning some states in March becoming Trump’s only real competition.

24. March 4, 2016- An ego bruised Marco stoops to Trump’s level and makes fun of his small hands setting up Trump to defend the size of his penis during the 11th GOP Debate.

25. March 15, 2016- Despite his best efforts to stay alive, Marco Rubio drops out of the race breaking GOP hearts everywhere (especially the ladies).

26. March 25, 2016- Finally, something positive happens and a bird lands on Bernie’s podium in the middle of the speech making everyone happy for a day.

27. March 22- April 9, 2016- Underdog Bernie wins 7 consecutive states with an average of 50 point leads and out fundraises Hillary for April, giving Hillary a run for her money.

28. March 24, 2016- Cruz and Trump get into a Twitter war over their wives’ appearances after Donald calls Heidi ugly displaying how petty the election has really become.

29. April 19, 2016- Donald Trump says Seven Eleven instead of 9-11 and his supporters make an entire backstory about the cross streets (which don’t exist) and then changed it to the fire department number.

30. April 27, 2016- Cruz makes Carly his VPN after losing 6 consecutive states in a last stitch effort to shake things up. 

31. May 3, 2016- After giving it their all, Kasich and Cruz bow out of the race after the Indiana primary.

32. May 5, 2016- On Cinco de Mayo Trump panders to the Mexicans by tweeting out a picture at his desk eating a taco bowl. Like everything else he does, it goes viral.

33. May 28, 2016- Harambe dies and the world will never forget. He becomes an unofficial presidential candidate and beats Jill Stein in some polls.

34. July 5, 2016- Even after all of the proof of Hillary using a private server and Hillary deleting evidence, the FBI decides not to indict her.

35. July 12, 2016- Bernie officially drops out and steps aside for Hillary but not after a long drawn out fight, and it’s awkward. Team Bernie won’t let go and stand by not supporting Hillary.

36. July 2016- Trump becomes the official GOP candidate for president.

37. July 14, 2016- To everyone's surprise, Trump picks Mike Pence as his running mate.

38. July 18, 2016- Melania Trump gives her big convention speech which is the spitting image of Michelle Obama’s 2008 DNC speech.

39. July 22, 2016- Internal DNC emails are leaked by Wikileaks revealing that they were actively working against Bernie in favor of Hillary. Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigns of embarrassment and is then immediately hired by Hillary.

40. July 22, 2016- To everyone’s surprise, Hillary announces Tim Kaine as her running mate.

41. July 24, 2016- After making fun of Trump’s wall for an entire year, the DNC build a 4 mile, 8 foot wall around their own convention to keep out protesters.

42. July 25, 2016- Bernie gives a half-hearted speech telling his supporters to stand behind Hillary. He is booed by an unhappy crowd.

43. July 26, 2016- Hillary Clinton becomes first official female presidential candidate and that’s a BFD.

44. July 28, 2016- Bill Clinton and his love for balloons breaks the Internet.

45. September 9, 2016- Clinton calls Trump supporters a “basket of deplorables” and Republicans embrace it by calling themselves deplorable.

46. September 11, 2016- Hillary faints at 9-11 ceremony and can no longer hide that she’s seriously ill.

47. September 26, 2016- The First Presidential Debate between Trump and Hillary happens and the old friends debate with their claws out.

48. October 3, 2016- VP debate happens, Tim Kaine interrupts Mike Pence 72 times, and the world thinks… “Hey Tim, Kaine you not?”

49. October 7, 2016- Trump Access Hollywood tapes are released and are followed by multiple sexual assault claims.

50. October 9, 2016- Ken Bone makes debut at second debate and breaks the Internet for literally just being himself.

51. October 17, 2016- Project Veritas videos of head Clinton campaign staffers paying people to start violence at Trump rallies, and explaining how they successfully commit voter fraud are released.

52. October 19, 2016- Trump calls Hillary a “nasty woman” during final presidential debate and the women of the world embrace it.

53. October 26, 2016- Politics takes a dark turn when the Trump Hollywood Star is destroyed and a homeless lady is knocked to the ground trying to stand up for him.

54. October 28, 2016- Thanks to Weiner's weiner, less than two weeks before Election Day, the FBI reopens Hillary’s email case.

55. October 29, 2016- Satirical New Yorker article about the Queen offering to restore British rule over the U.S. that captures everyone’s feels after the emotional  roller coaster of 2016.

56. Voting has started, we finally made it to election day.

57. America has spoken and Donald Trump is our next president.