77 thoughts everyone had at the RNC Convention

  1. Welcome to Cleveland, woo
  2. Glad to be here. So, uh, where's the booze?
  3. The Texas delegation is literally wearing the Texas flag. Do you even Texas, bro?
  4. But really, I think I need to re-think my state pride.
  5. There are 8 security checkpoints, holy shit.
  6. It’s like Guantanamo Bay, but with alcohol.
  7. My mom's texted me 8 times a day asking if I'm dead yet.
  8. Honestly have never felt safer than I have right now.
  9. Shout out to the Cleveland police and other security forces for making this week safe. #MakeAmericaSafeAgain
  10. Oh, look! Reince is still alive!
  11. Reince was just boo'd...lol.
  12. Take a shot every time someone says 'Make America Great Again'
  13. *dies from alcohol poisoning after day one*
  14. Yeah, I need another beer.
  15. Oh hi, have you heard of Carpe Freedom?
  17. PLEASE.
  18. I really don’t know what’s even going on right now.
  19. They just keep playing some jazz music to try and distract us from what’s really going on.
  20. It’s like we’re at a wedding and the bride doesn’t want to come down the aisle.
  21. Is it too late to say sorry now?
  22. Is it too late to stop Trump now?
  23. Glad we're the party that values free speech.
  24. Oh wait.
  25. We apparently only care about your first amendment rights when we agree with them and if they’re pro-Trump thoughts coming out of your mouth.
  26. Otherwise you're told to sit down and shut up.
  27. DAY 2... LEGGO
  28. Waffles everyday for breakfast...You can pretty much call me Leslie Knope.
  29. There’s so much booze here.
  30. I’ve now made friends with a bartender with the heaviest of pours.
  31. Her name’s Tisha, and we’re now snapchat friends.
  32. TBH I’d vote Tisha for President in a heartbeat.
  33. “Black Lives Matter, Westboro Baptist Church, and the KKK are throwing urine bombs at each other.”
  34. I don’t even know how to process that. I think I’ll just stay inside the barricade for now.
  35. State by state? Really. This shit is stupid.
  36. Can we just get this over with?
  37. Well...We're really doing it.
  38. Shit.
  39. We're really nominating Trump.
  40. I keep having to sing my ABC's to know what state's next. I hope I’m not the only one.
  41. This is the longest week of my life, wow can I go to sleep already?
  43. How many times do we have to chant this?
  44. Wow. I forgot how much I love Paul Ryan.
  45. America, he could be our Vice President right now. *wipes tears*
  47. What just happened?!?!
  48. The Zodiac Killer jokes are going to make a comeback, right? Please.
  49. Funny that "vote your conscience" doesn't equal "vote for Trump"
  50. Coincidence? I think not.
  51. Hahahaha, Ivanka's face when Cruz didn't endorse was priceless
  52. How is it Thursday already?
  53. I’ve seen so many man buns this week. I didn’t know conservatives did the whole man buns thing.
  55. The chant. There it is again.
  56. Wow. Sean Duffy just told me to chug my beer…
  57. Is this real life or just the Real World?
  58. He’s literally perfect.
  59. #SeanDuffyForPrez
  60. So many off-beat clappers here, please send help.
  61. I'd like to know if any of these old ladies popped a hip out of place this week.
  62. The limit on bedazzled baseball hats does not exist.
  63. Can we let the balloons down yet?
  65. Oh it's been five minutes, and we haven't chanted about Hillary going to prison?
  66. We need to change that asap...
  68. And uh, now we're chanting Build the Wall. Alright.
  69. I'm so ready for these balloons.
  70. Ivanka’s wearing a $138 dress and looks 10x better than Hillary’s thousand dollar dresses.
  71. Ivanka’s so damn articulate.
  72. Too bad she’s not conservative.
  73. Here comes the Donald...here goes nothing.
  74. A 76 minute long speech...Donnie, you're killing me.
  75. Are they really playing "You Can't Always Get What You Want"
  76. ...This can't be real life
  77. If you need me I’ll be napping until November 8th.