An open letter to Cosmo Magazine

Dear Joanna Coles,

Lets start off by saying that I absolutely love Cosmo. I watch your snapchat, I pay for my own Cosmo subscription, and usually I walk away feeling confident and inspired by your articles. However, recently I have walked away continually feeling shamed by your publications. I am a 21 year-old, college student who also just so happens to be a conservative, and I am tired of being told, and continuously shown that you think my values, and ideals are wrong; that I am not right if I am not on the Hillary and liberal train. Because that is clearly what you, and your magazine believe, and you have shown by shoving it my face almost everyday on your Snapchat.

When I click through my Cosmo Snapchat at night, or turn the pages of the magazine, I am expecting to read articles on the best drinks, best diets, best relationship advice, and what my horoscope is looking like. I DO NOT expect to come out of the experience angry and frustrated with the bias that you play into trying to report politics. I looked past it when your coverage of the RNC was negative and limited, only to be followed by positive, multiple story coverage of the DNC. I looked past it when you clearly gave bias to Chelsea’s interview verses Ivanka’s. Hell, I even expected it when you discussed Trump’s horrible comments. However, what I will not look past is the fact that you are NOT inspiring women to be intelligent, thoughtful, and well-informed people. You are not inspiring women to vote on the economy, Supreme Court, or policy. Instead, you are continuously covering only one side of the political spectrum, and only very specific issues. You are continuously stereotyping the demographic of your readers. You are continuously encouraging women to vote solely based on their own gender.

Time and time again, I see articles that are based around fighting women stereotypes. Standing up. Stop being pushed in a corner. Yet time and time again this past year, you have put me in a corner. You have put approximately 29% of young women in a corner, and let me just say (because I know you are thinking it), no one puts baby in the corner.

I understand we are the minority, and maybe it is in your best marketing, and business model to lean your articles to the higher populated demographic. The problem that I am conflicted with is that you, and most modern companies, are actively fighting against simply playing to the majority. You do an incredible job working to be diverse, welcoming to all types of women, yet why are you shaming a group based on their political values?

This has nothing to do with Trump, or Clinton, nothing to even do with policy. All it has to do with is standing up for the minorities; something our nation is pretty damn good at. If you as an entity have any moral convictions with covering all sides of the story, than GET OUT OF REPORTING POLITICS. Go back to beauty, sex, horoscopes, and telling stories of some badass women. Leave the political talk to those who are in the business. If you are worried that women won’t stay informed, stop, have more faith in the demographic you work to inspire.

We are a nation that is continually working toward respecting, and listening to everyone. Help me with the fight to continue that- even if you disagree with a political party, and even a candidate; because I promise you there is an incredibly smart, experienced, and beautiful woman behind any idea you disagree with. Try listening to them.

Stay classy, 

The Minority