Bernie fans are dangerous tbh

Last weekend at the DNC Nevada convention, Senator Barbara Boxer was heckled and yelled at while trying to address her fellow party members. Bernie supporters would not let up and forced the chairwoman to leave the stage, ultimately making things worse. After leaving the stage Bernie supporters continued to yell and even started throwing chairs! Things got so heated that police were called to settle everyone down and to make everyone leave the premises.

Classic Bernie fans.

After the whole debacle at the convention, some Bernie supporters were still upset. So what do you do when you think you’re being treated unfairly? Well, you put the chairwoman’s personal information out on social media! It’s the only logical thing to do. Well…. logical by Bernie’s standards.

The chairwoman spoke out about her personal information being blasted, saying that she “feared for my safety,” and that the whole thing “was a scary situation.” She received hundreds of voicemails and emails from the 70-year-old socialist supporters, including various death threats aimed at her and her family. Trump supporters know this all too well. It’s ironic, the democrats don’t mind when Bernie supporters show up at Trump rallies to disrupt and incite violence against his supporters. But now that it’s happening to them it’s suddenly condemned, as it should’ve been at the beginning.

What did Bernie say when asked about his supporters saying they were going to KILL a DNC chairwomen? Just watch:

Stay Classy, C-$$$$$