From islands to bison: why we should care about nature

Alright, before you call me a liberal hippie or whatever, just know that it’s okay to care about the environment and animals and still call yourself a conservative. I want to conserve what’s left of this great country, which includes what untouched nature we have left. Furthermore, I want to conserve this planet. If you haven’t noticed God did one hell of a job when he created the Earth.

And yes, climate change is real.  Whether, it’s as bad as some people make it seem *looking at you Bernie*, is up to discussion. But, there is scientific evidence to prove this. Recently, 5 Pacific islands were swallowed by the sea due to rising sea levels. Yes, that is alarming (hint: if you haven’t checked a map lately, the U.S. has land in the Pacific). So, no, it’s not only the “poor polar bears” that “those damn hippies” are fighting for. It’s the eroding shorelines and disappearing islands.

This past week, a baby bison in Yellowstone was euthanized because of human interaction. Some idiots thought it was funny/cute/whatever to put the baby bison in the back of their SUV because they thought it looked cold. HOW DUMB ARE YOU?! Do you not see it’s fur? Do you not know that it’s in its home? That’s like me breaking into your house and stealing you from your bed because I thought you weren’t safe there. Your response would probably be “wtf?! I was perfectly fine there.” Well, if bison could talk, that would be the response.

Later on, the bison had to be euthanized because it was rejected by its herd. The park, nor did anyone else, have the proper facilities and equipment, to take care of the baby. However, it isn’t the job of Yellowstone to take care of the animals like that. Nor is it the job of tourists to take care of them either. We should let nature run its course. Now, we lost a innocent baby of an already endangered species.

The difference between a liberal and conservative reaction to both situations, is government intervention. A liberal would say that it’s the job of the government to protect the Earth. Whereas,  I would tell you it’s your job to protect the Earth. Just a few simple things, like recycling or mass transit/walking whenever you can, can truly make a difference. The government shouldn’t tell you what to do but common sense should tell you to get your head out of your ass and protect what God gave you.

Stay Classy, Katie