An open letter to voters who hate both Trump and Clinton

Dear fellow voter,

I know how you feel. Torn. Confused. Let down. Because, same.

In 2012, I proudly supported Mitt Romney to the end. I loved that man - still do. I agreed with him on most issues. He was just an all-around amazing candidate and stand up guy. Standing right by me were my friends who supported Barack Obama. People who knew what they were getting and loved him for who he was, and, as much as I personally didn’t like him, I understood why people voted for him. He was a likable dude (sometimes).

Flash forward to 2016, and nothing makes sense. Our two candidates for the highest office in all of the land are an inexperienced, crude man who stoops to derogatory remarks and uses his monetary success as a reason to “believe” him instead of having a strong platform based on policy, and a pathological liar who belongs in federal prison with a probable rap sheet longer than the lines outside of Wal-Mart on Black Friday.

What the hell happened?

If you’re like me, you don’t want to cast a vote for either one of these buffoons. And what I’m here to tell you is DON’T. You’re going to have people chirping in your ear, “If you don’t vote for Trump, it’s a vote for Hillary” and vice versa, but I have one thing to say to those people:


Your vote is your voice, and if you let people silence your opinion, nothing will ever change. The way that our system is set up, in order for a party to get federal funding, they need at least 5% of the popular vote. You want a 3-party system? Or even 4-party system? You’re going to have to start by doing the unpopular thing. Vote for the candidate you feel most passionate about instead of letting people convince you it’s either one or the other.

Don’t let people tell you, “It’s either Trump or Hillary,” because that’s not true. There are three other legitimate candidates you could vote for: Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, and Evan McMullin. My advice to you is to do your research, find YOUR candidate, and vote for him or her on November 8th.

If you want the system to change, go change it.

In freedom, Morgan