Trump called Clinton a 'rapist' and I couldn't agree more

For once, I find myself agreeing with Donald Trump. Has hell frozen over? How did this happen? Well, for once, I applaud Trump for telling it like it is. Saying what so many people were afraid to say 20 something years ago. That is, calling Bill Clinton a “rapist.”

In a recent interview with Sean Hannity, Trump called the former president a “rapist” when it came to his extramarital affairs (remember, it wasn’t just Monica Lewinsky). Usually when it comes to Trump-isms, they are off-the-wall ridiculous and exaggerated. However, this one is right on the money.

Let’s take it back to the Monica Lewinsky scandal, shall we? You know, like the time the intern had sexual affairs with the President of the United States? Yeah, well picture that happening in 2016. I wouldn’t doubt for a second that it would be considered rape. When you’re a twenty-something year old intern and the leader of the free world asks for sexual favors, you don’t say no. It’s simple. He holds a great deal of power and authority over her and he knows he can get whatever he wants. She knew she was an intern and couldn’t afford to lose that prestigious position. It’s why so many companies have a workplace fraternization policy. That was not an equal relationship by any means.  Period.

Again, picture it in 2016. You mean to tell me feminists wouldn’t be all over this like a cheap suit? You mean to tell me we wouldn’t look at Monica Lewinsky as the victim rather than the perpetrator? The circumstances would be completely different. President Clinton sure as hell got off easy for that one. So, yes. I do believe on this issue, Trump’s name calling is correct.

Stay Classy, Katie