An open letter to all the preppy GOP twitter anons

Hey anons,

So are you guys genuinely republican? Or do you simply play conservative because it fits into your preppy lifestyle? Or are are putting on this preppy front, because for some non-cool reason you believe being a prep is a prerequisite to be be a republican? 

Well… good news, it’s not. 

Yes. You heard me.

I’m not proud to admit that I used to dress preppy as a sad way to try and fit in with all the young conservatives. I thought that to be well liked and successful as young republican, I had to dress and act just like you twitter anons, but then I realized that 90% of Lilly Pulitzer prints make me nauseous, and I prefer black over pastels… Also not to take twitter too seriously. 

So, I ditched the preppy gear and guess what? I’m still as conservative as ever, because since when did who we vote for have to define how you dress and vise versa? Psh, who knew?

If you are genuinely conservative and like your preppy style, dope. But please know that your Lilly Pulitzer skirt and Vineyard Vines hat doesn’t make you any more of a republican, just like my blue hair and black vans doesn’t make any less of one. Believing anything else will only hurt the conservative movement. 

I think as conservatives, we can all agree the statement “all republicans are old white men,” is completely idiotic and no less false. Identity politics isn’t cool, so let’s make sure the statement, “all republican’s are preppy,” is a statement that is not embraced. So be yourself, and if that’s preppy, once again dope… Just be sure to welcome all styles into the conservative movement. As annoying as the word Diversity is when used by liberals, I really do think it’s a good thing to have among conservatives. 

For real, I can’t be the only punk rock republican out there…

Stay classy, Hannah