The Dynamic Duo determined to defeat Donald

As I’m sure most of you have heard by now, Ted Cruz and John Kasich have announced their decision to join forces in order to snuff Donald Trump out of the race. Sunday night, Cruz’s campaign manager Jeff Roe made a statement saying the campaign would be focusing on Indiana in order to allow Kasich to take Oregon and New Mexico. Very shortly after, Kasich’s manager John Weaver released a statement agreeing that they would be focusing on OR and NM to clear the way for Cruz in Indiana.

So, where exactly do we go from here? I mean, Cruz is basically the low-calorie version of Trump, and Kasich is…well, Kasich is just in it for the free food.

So, could this actually work? As long as the nominee ends up being not Donald, do we care that much if it’s not our pick between Cruz and Kasich? And can we all just take a brief moment to commend Cruz and Kasich for deciding that as long as Trump doesn't win the nomination, they’re okay with possibly losing to the other one? Especially since they kind of hate each other? That’s some Grade A selfless love for America right there.

Expectedly, Donald’s campaign took to Twitter to comment, and The Quack himself spoke on the new partnership at two separate rallies.

Desperation? Ummmmmmmmm, YES, Donald, desperation. I as an American citizen feel desperate to keep you out of office, so I can’t imagine the desperation I would be feeling if I were one of the people running against you. I think I’d do just about anything to keep you from becoming the POTUS, which it seems like Cruz and Kasich are.

Lovingly Liberal,

C. Damon