Emory vs. Trump

The Trump fairy appeared at Emory University the other day and the students had one hell of a bitch fit. “Trump 2016” and “Vote Trump” signs decorated the campus which led to a huge argument on whether or not they should be allowed. While I’m not the biggest fan of the Donald, I am a big fan of  exercising any and all freedoms, particularly the First Amendment.

According to the University President, the students of Emory were “in pain” at the messages of “hate” around campus, also noting that they felt their “safe space” had been violated.


Like I said, I’m not ready to Make America Great Again either (America is already pretty damn great btw), but treating Trump’s name like a swear word is not only ridiculous but it’s counterproductive to the movement to educate the masses about why he sucks. Just saying.

After hearing of their pain and suffering, I couldn’t help but imagine what the reaction would be if someone chalked #ReadyForHer or “Vote Hillary” around campus. I sincerely doubt that my agony and discomfort would fall on receptive ears. I’d probably be laughed at and criticized for being a part of the small percentage of young conservatives in college. Such is life.  But there’s one major difference in how I’d react versus how the small children of Emory did…

I wouldn’t want HRC chalk removed because I’m too much of a pussy to walk past it.

For the record: I don’t want the Trump chalk removed either. That’s the beauty of our country—people are allowed to speak their minds freely. But now, the overly progressive PC Police are out to stop that.

It’s a sad time for America, folks. Since we first brought up the idea of breaking away from England, our country has progressed as a result of discussion and debate of ideas. America epitomizes the concept of compromise: you give a little, you get a little. We didn’t get to where we are by being politically correct, by censoring ideas. That shit smells like communism. We need to get off the dangerous path that we’re on, and fast unless you want everything to start looking less like 2016 and more like 1984.

Stay classy, Zack