Finals week as told by the 2016 candidates

Final exams are in a week. You tell yourself you’re going to start reviewing now so you’re prepared and not overwhelmed, and as of right now, you’re feeling good.

But then you tell yourself, “I’ll just hang out with my friends now, and then I’ll study this weekend.” Then Saturday comes, and you decide that since you won’t be doing anything fun during finals week, you’ll have a good time Saturday and then buckle down on Sunday.

It’s Sunday now, and you are realizing that you really should have started studying earlier. There is way too much information and nowhere near enough time now. So you decide to pull an all-nighter, which means lots of coffee, and lots of food.

You get to your first exam and plop down in your chair, praying that God will help you remember everything you’ve ever heard or read or seen or learned through osmosis by touching a textbook.

The professor hands out the exam, and you know the answers to the first few questions. You feel GREAT. All that last-minute cramming is really paying off.

But wait…the questions are getting harder. You start frantically flipping through the exam, realizing you don’t know any of the material.  

But you stayed up all night??????? You used the study guide??????? You found the whole thing on Quizlet??????? WHY DID YOUR “STUDYING AT THE LAST MINUTE” METHOD FAIL YOU SO GREATLY???????

You sit there, panicking, contemplating your future, knowing that if you don’t pass your exams, you will have to live with and mooch off of your rich parents forever.

You decide that your best option is to just choose a bunch of random answers. And despite the fact you didn’t know what you were doing, you somehow feel a huge weight lifted off your shoulders once you turn in the exam.

You repeat this process until you hand in your last exam, and take a sigh of relief. You might have failed, you might have aced it, but either way, you made it through the week.

Stay classy, Chels