7 inspirational Kasich quotes to get you through the day

If you missed Kasich at CPAC, we're sorry. He's one of RGP's faves (mostly because he's given no one in America a reason to hate him like the rest of them, but who are we to judge?).

Here are his 7 best quotes from his speech: 

1. "When he looks into my eyes, all the way into my soul, you know what he'll see? A freedom fighter, that's what."

2. "You gotta tell those kids, don't you be doing those drugs."

3. "This is my present to you, you were made special, and no one was made special like you."

4. "If your goal is to be popular and loved, go away."

5. "Let's just uberize the government."

6. "My wife, I get my strategy from her. Not my politics, but that's where I get my orders from."

7. "We're the little engine that can."

Stay classy, M