10 inspirational Rubio quotes to get you through the day

#MarcoMentum had everyone at CPAC like

You definitely saw the live tweets of all the super inspirational and patriotic shit that came out of Marco's mouth. If you didn't just scroll down the #CPAC2016 tweets and see what he said... he had the crowd standing and some people actually cried.

But here are our fave 10 quotes of the speech that we couldn't pass up on sharing with you.

1. Hippies, man... those baby boomers fucked it up for the rest of us and we're the ones left paying for their retirement. FML.


3. I know what that's like, especially when I get hit with this CPAC Plague next week. 

4. I'm passionate about whatever you're passionate bae. Whatever that may be...?

5. I heard that he witnessed the Trail of Tears...

6. We don't take shit from nobody. Especially people with small hands...

7. Sounds fake, but ok.

8. My mom tells me I'm smart, too. 

9. Sometimes it's ok to sprinkle a little salt on your mood.

10. Let's hope that experience produces results in the next few weeks, eh?

Stay classy, M