Hillary to lose security clearance?

So in case you were wondering how to get back at your coworker for gossiping about company secrets, maybe you should take a hint from Congress right now.  The “GOP powerhouse senators” decided that they were going to work to suspend dear Hill’s security clearances.

Yeah. So basically if this happens she will be out of the loop before she even starts. Maybe this will protect the US from more innocent deaths and secret emails because she won’t even have access to that information.

What caused this? The FBI Director was like “nah we don’t need to press charges but Hillary is hella careless”. You read that right- the White House was like “nah, hard pass, we’re going to ignore this”.

Upon hearing this, Marco Rubio and his friends have really come through. He is leading a team of conservative senators to take this into their own hands to give some sort of punishment to the presumptive Democratic nominee. This clique has introduced a bill that would strip all access of secret briefings once she is officially the Democratic nominee. Papi is like "wait un momento por favor, she needs to face the consequences."

first of all drake.jpg

Honestly, I am all about this move. Hillary Clinton has endangered too many people and risked too much confidential information in the last two years alone. It would be ridiculous to have her move on from this with nothing- not even a slap on the wrist.

What is the trend with these “just barely” punishments lately? The Stanford rapist is serving less than 3 months for his crime. Throwback to when Martha Stewart served 5 months for having inside information on stocks. Like really guys. “No cruel and unusual punishments” doesn’t mean we can’t serve justice.

Let’s remember all the scandals that ol’ Hillary has been involved in and realize hey, maybe we should fix the problem at the foundation- by removing her from all governmental secrets.

Stay classy, Keels