Rand Paul Trolled His Fans and Trump's For April Fools

On April Fool’s Day, Senator Rand Paul jokingly said he would support whoever happens to get the Republican nomination, even if it is  Donald Trump. He added that Donald Trump would be a whole of a lot better than Hillary Clinton, who recently promised to put coal companies out of business, which would then greatly hurt Rand Paul’s home state of Kentucky.

Fear not friends, because Rand was merely playing a prank.

Despite trolling twitter with a “YUGE” endorsement on Thursday, Rand Paul will only be endorsing, “entropy” until the primaries are over and there is a nominee.

So what does this mean?

No Rand-girl is going to switch over to Trump before the end of the primaries, and I highly doubt many will follow Rand in supporting Trump if he is the Republican nominee in November. Most Rand supporters will just write Rand in or vote 3rd party.

That being said, Trump supporters can still rest easy at night even after this joke. The way we see it, either you love Trump, or you hate Trump. There is no inbetween. Yes, there are some people that are waiting for either Trump or Cruz to say something that will burn their campaigns to the ground. And for good reason. If you stay undecided there’s no guilt or embarrassment that might come with a candidate. If you want an example; Marco Rubio.

A Rand endorsement would do little to nothing in helping Trump. As we previously mentioned,, no Rand supporter is going to switch to Trump with a simple endorsement. And, if Rand were to take his endorsement to someone other than Trump, it will do little damage to the front runner as no Rand supporter would vote for him anyway.

Rand should just keep doing what he’s doing and support whoever the American people choose as their GOP nominee. So far, Rand is showing that he stands firm with his beliefs and the American people by not hastily throwing his endorsement to the highest bidder. A real classy move in such an unprofessional election cycle.

Keep it real, Hannah and Carter