12 reasons why RGP doesn't support Trump

"Who is your candidate?"
"Why don't you like Trump?"
"Would you support Trump if he was our nominee?"

These are questions that we get all of the time and to answer the first one, each member of RGP has a different candidate that they support. Seriously. We have a rainbow of personal preferences. But we all agree on one thing: it's seriously time to dump Trump. In order to answer your questions on why we cannot get behind the Donald, we joined together and made you a list of 12 reasons.

1. He is a big government guy. 

He thinks the government is going to solve our problems. What are we? Democrats?
(See: Donald Trump and big government

2. He is an extremist. 

Immigration reform: MAJOR KEY. 
Mass deportation of immigrants: literally impossible.
(See: Donald Trump on Immigration)

3. He is racist.   

How about we not apply stereotypes to entire racial groups?
(See: Donald Trump on Mexicans)

4. He is sexist.

It's completely fair to not like a question you were asked. Saying a woman was hormonal and on her time of the month for asking you a question you don't like? Unacceptable in any situation. That's how you get slapped.
(See: Donald Trump on Megyn Kelly)

5. He is xenophobic.

We are all immigrants. We all love the Constitution. When you forget that these things make up who we are as a country, what are we anymore?
(See: Donald Trump on Muslims)

6. He has obscene emotional reactions when someone disagrees with him.

There have been times where I have ripped bitches a new one for the things they've said. But I'm not trying to be their leader.
(See: @realDonaldTrump Twitter feed)

7. He is a bully.

It's not nice to purposefully try to hurt people's feelings. We learned that in Kindergarten, Donald. 
(See: Donald Trump on Megyn Kelly,
Mary Katharine Ham,
Rand Paul,
Ted Cruz,
Carly Fiorina,
Michelle Malkin,
the state of Iowa,
mentally handicapped news reporter,
Fox News,
John McCain,
Glenn Beck,
Rosie O’Donnell,
Ben Sasse,
Marco Rubio,
Chris Christie,
Bill Kristol,
S.E. Cupp,
Jeb Bush,
and more)

8. He doesn’t actually have a platform. 

Who is going to be in his cabinet, you ask? Don't worry. He knows people who you've never heard of who are better than the people you have heard of. 
(See: Donald Trump on the issues)

9. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

He legit doesn't even care, either. 
(See: Donald Trump on the Constitution and “two Corinthians”)

10. He is pandering votes. 

Making new friends is hard. But pretending to be something you're not so that people will like you is never the way to be. 
(See: Donald Trump ”I have many Muslim friends" or "two Corinthians")

11. The world really hates him.

The list of countries who cannot stand him is growing by the minute. How are we supposed to run the world if no one respects who is running it?
(See: Donald Trump and the United Kingdom)

12. And on top of all that, he’s more divided than our country. 

He is the definition of a flip flop. Like, seriously. Watch the video below. Colbert illustrates it perfectly for you.
(See: Donald Trump debate below)