Eric Trump: Sit down

While I’ve slowly become desensitized by the insane shit that comes out of the Trump family’s mouths, I could not keep my mouth shut on this one. In a recent Politico article, Eric Trump stated that his sister Ivanka would not "put herself in a position to be sexually harassed.”


First of all, nobody PUTS themselves in a position to be harassed. Otherwise it would not be considered HARASSMENT. Believe me, there are people out there who are into some kinky shit (50 Shades type), but being touched by someone you do not want to touch you is not one of those kinks. It’s a crime.


Victims who have experienced sexual assault first hand did not go through their trauma because they wanted it. They were taken advantage of because someone else felt entitled to their body. And guess what? There’s no way to tell who that person is going to be. Sometimes it’s your friend, sometimes it’s a stranger, sometimes it’s your boss.

Eric went on to explain that if Ivanka had been working under someone she later realized perpetuated sexual harassment she would, “...find another career or find another company if that was the case,”  as if everyone has this option. In a time where women are still constantly fighting to be higher up on the career ladder, we shame them for not being able to easily remove themselves from a painful situation. And ya know what, you shouldn’t have to. Why should the harassed woman have to leave? Where is the advocating that the assaulter be forced to quit? So much for progress.


This is not just a woman’s issue. It’s an everyone issue. Both men and women can find themselves trapped in a relationship; whether romantic, family, or workplace, in which someone is abusing them. To say that an individual wouldn’t subject themselves to harassment because they are ‘strong’ is not only insulting, but victim-blaming -- and that is part of the problem. That makes you a part of the problem.

I don’t expect the Trump family to understand what it’s like to have to stay at a job or in a relationship because of financial issues, as it’s clear they are “winning” in that category. But that does not excuse the ignorant comment made by little Eric. Here he was asked a controversial question and had the opportunity to condemn the Fox CEO and those that sexually assault both men and women. Instead, he insulted all victims of sexual harassment by toting Ivanka as being above that kind of trauma.


Newsflash Eric: no one is above it, regardless of who your daddy is.


Stay Classy,