Sustainability is a major key

Chances are if you don't recycle, leave the water on too long, flush the toilet more than necessary, use more paper towels or toilet paper than you absolutely need, I could never live with you. Why? You would drive me insane.

Before you start judging me and calling me a tree-hugging hippie, which I will gladly take the title of if that's what you decide to label me as by the end of this article, hear me out.


I'm sick and tired of people putting environmentalism in the category of "liberalism" or the godforsaken box labeled "hippies only." Listen to me when I tell you: everything that environmentalists stand for with regards to preserving the environment is the same as what conservatives stand for in regards to preserving the American dream. Just like the sustainability of our beloved country requires the preservation our founding principles, sustainability of our planet lies within preserving out resources.

I honestly think that some of my friends really misunderstand my love for the environment and sustainability when they start questioning my conservative Americanism... I don’t want to force people to agree with me (that's where I draw the line between conservatives and liberals). I don't want to start regulating how often you're allowed to use your BBQ because, just, no. We're all adults here and can make our own damn decisions. I don't like being told what to do and I personally believe that anyone trying to tell you what time of day you're "allowed" to water your lawn by imposing heinous fines on you... is just stupid and needs to find something better to do with their fucking time.  

Bitch, you don't know my life. Don't fucking tell me what to do.

So libs, before you start thinking you won this one and conservs before you start thinking you lost me, I’m team let’s inform the world and give them the information they need to make their own informed decisions.

Let's inform everyone on the importance of sustaining the planet that WE ALL LIVE ON so that we can all live on it for generations to come. Sounds nice, right? AND MAKES FUCKING SENSE. Get your shit together, people.

I agree with the majority of conservatives who say there are a lot of things we need to fix before we even start thinking about environmental regulations and laws. I believe that the environment should be on everyone's personal priority list (yes, I'm looking at you, asshole. Do your damn part. California is in a drought for God's sake), but I don't believe that we need to put it on the priority list of the federal government. The government has other shit to deal with, like, I don't know... the fact that Russia might start Cold War 2, the second coming of communism... or the fact that ISIS wants to wipe everyone who disagrees with them off the face of the earth. You know, little things.

Stay classy and start doing your part to take care of the planet so that libs can shut up already and I won't have to hunt you down and slap you across the face, M.