Teddy's Win-sconsin

Congratulations to Ted Cruz, who stuck his foot out and brought Trump to his face-planted state of misery. How? By stealing the Wisconsin primary with a whopping 48.2% of the total vote. We’re proud. Really proud.

Seriously though, if there’s anyone who deserves a win lately, it’s Ted. After dealing with lash out after lash out from Donald in recent weeks, it’s about time he managed such an incredible win. The best part about this whole deal is that we’re one step closer to a contested GOP convention. With the RNC’s gathering in Cleveland just right around the corner, voters need to do their best to keep Trump under the 1,237 delegate bar for nomination.

Wisconsin, you’ve got your head screwed on straight. Thank you.

I’m also impressed by the confidence Teddy has been showing us in light of this victory. While it may seem like he’s putting all his eggs in one basket, I’m just excited to see him acting like a winner for once. Might I even say that he’s acting… presidential? Regardless of Trump’s slurs (How many times is he gonna say “Lyin’ Ted” before he starts to sound like a broken record? Oh wait.) his head is held high. That’s a victory in itself.

Now Teddy is letting voters know that he really does believe that he’s the most suitable candidate for the position of presidency. Rather than dwelling on Donald, Ted’s focus has shifted towards the general election. “Hillary, get ready, here we come,” he said after Tuesday’s primary.

Watch out, America. Thanks to Wisconsin, Ted’s feelin’ sassy.

Stay classy, Brie