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Ted Cruz is out. I REPEAT: TED CRUZ IS OUT.

Yeah… that happened, in case you were MIA this evening. Now that Trump blackmailed him into dropping out Ted is outskies, it is presumed that Donald Drumpf is the GOP nominee.

BRB as I vomit my entire life.
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Seriously, America? You had ONE JOB: to vote in the best interest of AMERICA, and what do you do? You fall into this trap of false promises and extreme (and not to mention RACIST/SEXIST/ALL-ROUND WTF AF) rhetoric, ALL FROM A MAN WHO DOESN’T EVEN LOVE AMERICA.

Look, I don’t care how many times the Trump trolls say it, the man does not love America. He just doesn’t. There is no way that man loves anything except the sound of his own voice (which I really don’t understand) and dolla $igns.

Do you know how stupid this makes us look? Us, as in the GOP, us as a united people, us as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA -- we look like one big ol’ hot mess. It’s embarrassing what this election has become - a circus, to put it nicely. What’s going to be even more embarrassing is when we continue to stick our nose in the middle of the Israel-Palestine dilemma and Trumpet is like “lol what’s a Palestine?”

So, this is goodbye GOP. I don’t know how much of this I can take anymore. Like, Reince of all people is like “zomg y’all let’s hold hands and destroy Hillary.” Not trying to sell my dignity here, sorry not sorry bruh. I know I’m not the only one who thinks this. There’s some #badblood stirring in this party, and it’s all because of Trump. #MakeAmericaFightAgainstItselfAgain?

Stay classy, V