The Trump Phenom: What happens next?

This is long, but it is important that I articulate my views on the upcoming election. It looks more and more like Donald J. Trump will be the eventual nominee for the Republican Party (this might change come next Tuesday, but we will see). After his massive wins in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and now Nevada — it is all but inevitable.

There is and will be a growing trend telling every Republican voter to vote for Trump, no matter the cost. People will tell you that “you’re throwing away your vote, handing the election over to Democrats, and for all intents and purposes giving the White House to Hillary Clinton.”
Do not listen. Do not listen to the cries that demean you and your sacred vote. Cries that rip away your civic duty and that would force you to vote against the very ideals you hold most dear. This is truly a historic election because there will likely be no conservative voice running for the presidency of the United States. You will have no one speaking on your behalf this cycle, which makes your vote all the more important.

Vote. Vote for a third party candidate, write someone in, but vote. You have the ability to tell the political class and the media elite — no dice. You’re not playing their games. You have no confidence in the process and are utterly disillusioned with the system they have created. As the calls against you intensify — stay strong. Remember the words of John Quincy Adams, “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.”

There will be a fervent pull for you to sit down, shut up, and get in line, but remember that Trump has exploited the very worst fears and anger of working class Americans. They do not know the world they see in front of them. It has radically changed and they’re looking for someone to defend them and their families. These people aren’t racist, bigots, or morons — they are trying to hold onto the world they have always known. They feel left behind, taken advantage of, and do not see the bright future America has always promised them.

The political class crossed the line first, by refusing act on the immigration crisis, confront the winnowing of our presence on the world stage, and did nothing to slow our increasingly contemptible weakness in the face of true evil. Their values weren’t defended. Their voices weren’t heard. The political class ignored their fears and in a move to be heard they became desperate. And in that desperation, they turned to a man they didn't understand. But it was their only recourse in the face of silence from their party and their representatives.

These people needed leadership and the GOP didn’t provide it. This mess is on the political class. Not the voters. The voters turned to Trump, a man who shows strength, but will be unable to give them what they need most — leadership. Trump does not lead when he feeds their anger. He does not lead when he gives a microphone to the most extreme and violent voices. He does not lead by telling them what they want to hear and offering no solutions to the issues they face. He doesn’t lead by giving into the worst that is within us. He simply becomes the conduit of the mob and that’ll destroy our party and the great American experiment.

What America needs now more than ever before is conservatism, but Trump is not a conservative and cannot lead the resurgence of this great nation. Trump doesn’t know what conservatism is, was, or is meant to be. He doesn’t know our rich intellectual history. It is unlikely, perched on his golden throne in New York City, that he has ever heard the names of Edmond Burke, Goethe, Irving Babbitt, Whittaker Chambers, G.K. Chesterton, Milton Friedman, or Russell Kirk — He sure as hell hasn’t read any of their works. He will be unwilling to lift the crushing weight of a federal bureaucracy off of the backs of the American people. He will prop up crony capitalism, big government, and blur the lines between progressivism and conservatism for a generation to come. A generation that created the sharing economy and socially conscious businesses — natural conservative voters.

He is a liar and he is playing us all for fools. The media has propped up his candidacy, cleared his path, and reveled in the downfall of our party. The elite and our party leaders refused to attack his ideas (or lack thereof). They brushed off his ascendancy and ignored the people’s anger. They called his candidacy a joke. In doing so, these spineless, limp wrested, nanny state sympathizers have allowed this crisis within our party to boil over. This is on them.

Pull your money out of the GOP, support only the candidates who will be stand athwart this nation’s forward march toward progressivism and authoritarianism. Let our party leaders, political elites, and the media defend his rise to power. Let them push for his candidacy, his ideas, and his ability to lead. Make them bear responsibility for the disaster they’ve created. Lay this entire mess at their altar of entertainment. Walk away. Wash your hands of all of this. Trump is not the result of conservatism. Trump is not the result of the Republican base. He is the result of party leaders who failed to stand for anything at all. Force them to own it, all of it.