Trump is actually winning us over- is that possible?

Yesterday, along with the growing number of people opposing North Carolina’s anti-LGBT (those are enough letters) law, Donald Trump said that transgender people should be allowed to use whatever bathroom they feel the most comfortable in. He said, “There has been so little trouble. And the problem with what happened in North Carolina is the strife and the economic, I mean, the economic punishment that they’re taking. So I would say that’s probably the best way.”

In the same interview, He also - and this was the cherry on top for me - pointed out how impractical and economically stupid it is to start building new bathrooms for transgender people, saying “You know, there’s a big move to create new bathrooms […] I think that would be discriminatory in a certain way. It would be unbelievably expensive for businesses and for the country. Leave it the way it is.”

The big takeaway here is that, it's true, there HAVEN’T been any problems - men haven’t been dressing up as women and peering over the stalls as was predicted by Cruz. And if they were doing that, they would have been doing that since bathrooms were invented. Creeps are going to be creeps, and then other people will beat tf out of them for being creeps. When you start filling up the books with laws and discriminatory regulations - it DOES have an economic impact. Not sure if Trump is trying to broaden his base now that he could very well be the nominee or if HuffPo was right for once, that this is him planning his exit strategy, but either way he has been on point recently.

Stay Classy, Lucian